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Danny Bhoy

A couple of weeks before Celtic lifted the European Cup, a young beardless boy living in the drum signed up to be part of what was known as the 'Quality Street Kids'. It was Rangers loss, they passed up on Daniel Fergus because his name didn't sound right. Little did they know that this bluenose would go on to become recognised the world over, not only for his iconic beard, but as a truly world class right back. So good in fact that only Sandy Jardine could keep that position from him in the national side. Danny simply switched to the left as only truly world class players can do!

If you try to pick an all time Celtic eleven you might get into a few disputes over certain positions. You won't with the right back. Danny McGrain is the name that goes there.

9 leagues, 6 Scottish Cups, 2 League cups over 13 years. 62 caps and Captain of Scotland in Spain in '82.

When they made the film '300' about the hardiest bastards Greece has ever saw, Gerard Butler knew what to do, he walked into the make up set carrying a picture of Danny McGrain and simply said, 'Make me look like him and I will take on anyone!'

Too right Gerry! Time has passed and King Leonidas is now a distant memory, but in the barren hills and mountain passes of Greece they still remember Danny McGrain of The Celtic

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