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Tommy Burns No.10

Right... so!The idea was to write a blog for any T-shirt that I do.

Then folk started asking if I was doing a Tommy Burns T-shirt.

So here it is. But. ...

Where do you even begin to write something about Tommy Burns? A few words? You could start with the stats, 16 years, 353 games, 53 goals, 6 leagues, 5 Scottish Cups and a League Cup. But that wouldn't even begin to touch the sides of what Tommy Burns and Celtic mean to each other. Or what Tommy Burns will always mean to Celtic supporters.

If you asked him, he would simply say he was just a fan, one of us who got lucky. But that doesn't quite cut it either.

He wasn't 'one of us'.

It's more than that. He was the absolute best of us.

There have been, and will be many players who inspire young kids to dream about playing for their team. There are also players who are adored across the generations for their their skill, bravery or commitment to their team.

Tommy Burns goes a lot further than that. I'm still not doing him justice here..

I'll just tell you something that happened..The day Tommy was buried, me and my mate nipped down to Croftfoot to stand among the crowds who lined the streets. A last chance to salute a hero. While we waited my mate said something I never forgot. (He might have read it on one of those forums but I hope he actually thought it up for himself. If he did it will be the most profound thing Chrissy boy ever said!)

He turned round and said, 'If Im ever in a quandry about what to do, like unsure of what's right, I'm just gonny ask maself – What would Tommy Burns do?'

That always stuck with me.

Tell me another player who had that kind of impact?

That's what makes Tommy Burns special on another level.

Tommy Burns is an inspiration in how to live your life life, not just football.

Anyway, the idea with these T shirts was to keep me busy during lockdown, if it took off I would give £2 from every sale to a good cause.

It will only be a few quid cos these T shirts are just small runs, only 50 to 100 at a time.

(Limited Edition surely?..... Stop laughing at the back!)

This one will be for Seans Trust. A brilliant organisation that do amazing things when most needed.

In Linda from the trust's own words..

Sean's Trust was launched in 2013 initially to fundraise and build a retreat for families affected by stillbirth,we lost our own son Sean to stillbirth in 2000. Immediately there was a demand from families who just needed a little help with practical stuff, paying bills, feeding their children. Our first donors were the members of the Celtic Quick News forum who donated £1500, my late husband George Ryan was a lifelong Celtic supporter, he passed away suddenly returning home after a game at Celtic Park. My fundraising and the help I give families hopefully makes the mark in the world my Sean wasn't able to himself. If you need help or would like to help email or call 07982144047.

It's a privilege to support this.

Like I said at the start £2 from every t-shirt sold goes to grass roots orgs. This one I'm just gonny bump up to £4 a sale cos...well...its Tommy Burns.

I also remember George or StJohnDoyle as was his moniker on the CQN forum. He was cut from the same cloth as Tommy. One of life's good guys.



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