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Tommy Burns No.10

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Where do you even begin to write something about Tommy Burns? A few words? You could start with the stats, 16 years, 353 games, 53 goals, 6 leagues, 5 Scottish Cups and a League Cup. But that wouldn't even begin to touch the sides of what Tommy Burns and Celtic mean to each other. Or what Tommy Burns will always mean to Celtic supporters.

If you asked him, he would simply say he was just a fan, one of us who got lucky. But that doesn't quite cut it either.

He wasn't 'one of us'.

It's more than that. He was the absolute best of us.

There have been, and will be many players who inspire young kids to dream about playing for their team. There are also players who are adored across the generations for their their skill, bravery or commitment to their team.

Tommy Burns goes a lot further than that. I'm still not doing him justice here..

I'll just tell you something that happened..The day Tommy was buried, me and my mate nipped down to Croftfoot to stand among the crowds who lined the streets. A last chance to salute a hero. While we waited my mate said something I never forgot. (He might have read it on one of those forums but I hope he actually thought it up for himself. If he did it will be the most profound thing Chrissy boy ever said!)

He turned round and said, 'If Im ever in a quandry about what to do, like unsure of what's right, I'm just gonny ask maself – What would Tommy Burns do?'

That always stuck with me.

Tell me another player who had that kind of impact?

That's what makes Tommy Burns special on another level.

Tommy Burns is an inspiration i how to live your life life, not just football.

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